Thursday, January 12, 2012

Family Gym Time

My family was lucky enough to win a three month membership with the YMCA.

We've been going for almost 3 months. At first I felt a little overwhelmed with all the different times they had on papers, papers and more papers. It's really easy now. At first it just seemed overwhelming.

Tuesday and Thursday they have family gym time. It's where families get together to stretch, talk about nutrition and play games.

The first time we went our three year old Isaak wouldn't participate in stretching at all. He was in fact a grump about it! This last time, Isaak kept watching me and stretching right along with me.

The first time we had 2 groups and had races to go down the gym different ways. The one I found most awkward was going down the gym doing the bear crawl. Once we got to the other side, we had to rip off the wall a tag that said to do something. Jumping Jacks, sit ups, push ups and more were on the wall.

Last week Mica (age 6) and Daddy got to play soccer on scooters. I had to stay home because Isaak didn't nap that day and was WAY OVER TIRED!

This week we played nutrition tag. Someone stood in the middle of the gym and said some kind of fruit or veggie. The people that ate the one called off got a free pass, while the others had to wait. When the word, "GO!" was called off everyone ran before the middle person could tag the line of people. Whoever got tagged went in the middle. Before too long there were more taggers to get people. My legs actually hurt today from running (and it's two days after the fact). Mica's pretty good at tag! Isaak doesn't comprehend too much direction yet; he also isn't a fast runner at all. We also had stations with a parachute and balls, jump rope and hop balls. Both Mica and Isaak could not figure out how to jump rope. Mica started to cry because he couldn't figure out this task. :( Did I ever mention that Mica's a major perfectionist? He gets mad at himself when he can't get something done right. Daddy tried showing him. Then the lady in charge came over and showed him that he can pretend to jump rope without the rope. She said, "It just takes some coordination." I loved jumping rope and quickly realized how much I missed it.

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