Food and Exercise Products

New Balance Shoes

Alissa here. Does anyone want to win a pair of New Balance Shoes? I do!

Food Scale Giveaway!

This is Alissa. I just wanted to let you know that J. Leigh Designz is giving away a food scale by EatSmart!

If you are a person that needs to lose weight like me, this is a great giveaway to enter!

Food Scale

It's me Alissa. I'm so excited because csn | stores contacted me once again to do a product review. They said I was a preferred blogger. That made me feel good because I've never officially reviewed a product before. I do talk about products all the time.

This time I decided to pick something out for me! I picked out a food scale. Perfect for this time in my life!

I'll let you know when the review is up. I just ordered it, and like to spend a few weeks with the product before I review it.