Thursday, August 16, 2012

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are back!

A long, long time ago, or so it seems my mom made a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll set. They were happily played with. As most toys have this happen, they started to get played with less and less.

They got put up in the attic for safe keeping; we think.

My Dad put them up there he said. When it came time for the duo to come back down to get played with they were no where to be seen. My Mom was heartbroken. :(

Every time my Dad went up in the attic my Mom said, "Red look for Raggedy Ann and Andy up there!" He did and could never find them again.

So there is this giveaway going on where one winner will win a Raggedy Ann or Andy. If I win, I'll give it to my mom. Even though she doesn't play with dolls anymore, I think she'll appreciate it. I may have to choose Andy since there's only little boys in our family.

Go here to get a chance to win.

Keeping Things Clean

Believe it or not, I've been talking with my college students about keeping things clean. They have to create a project that is all out of white paper and materials. It's a relief, meaning it pops out of a flat surface. They are graded on their craft. Their work gets down graded if there is jagged cuts, glue marks and finger prints on it.

I mentioned things like: 
  • Have a damp cloth at your desk
  • Tie your long hair back
  • Wash your hands
Well I was walking around the room and guess what? A girl was working on the project. Her hands were black. I was thinking, Hummm did she miss all of my lecture? I get annoyed when they don't listen at this age. Part of me wants to say something. Another part of me wants it to show up in her grade. It's common  sense and also unsanitary.

Jolly Mom is giving away a $100 Walgreens Gift Card in order to help with healthy hygiene and kids going back to school.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


There once was a time when my Dad thought he truly had Native American in him. He went as far as to buy and take a test to determine what your genes really have in them. He found out that he is 2% Asian. No Native American.

He was sad because he loves the Native American culture. Much of his artwork revolved around Native American themes.

I told him that we should have him over, so I could fix him a chopstick style meal.

I'd love to win this shirt for him:

He's a tall, very white, redhead. Oh well. He still loves the Native American culture! Go to Life in the Lost World to possibly win a t-shirt from Ban T-Shirts.