Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm Sore

On Tuesday I went to the Y with the kids. 

First I have to mention that my oldest always wants me to run around and play tag with him before class. By the time class hits, I'm sort of pooped already!  He's a FAST runner. My 4 year old jumps in to play to.

We had a class called Family Fitness. 

She started us out with:
  • 9 jumping jacks
  • 9 punches
  • 9 push ups
  • 9 seconds of planks
  • 9 crunches
  • 9 lunges
Then we did 8 of all those, then we did 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

My 4 year old said in the middle, "Mommy I'm tired!" I felt like saying the same, but was a cheerleader to him instead. I think the hard part for me was getting up after all the floor things (push ups, planks and crunches).

I have to admit the I'm the biggest 1/2 asser when it comes to push ups. Even the girl style ones I find to be less than desirable. But my 1/2 assing must have done something; those are the muscles that are ubber sore!

After that we played a running game called, "Reindeer". One person stood behind a bar, attached to the bar were stretchy cords on each side, the other person hung onto those. My 4 year old tried to run, and I pulled back to make it harder to run. Then we switched rolls.

After that we played tail tag. We had socks tucked into our pants. One person was, "it". They ran around trying to steel our tails. We had to sit down once our tail was stole. Once we sat down we could try and steel people's tails as they ran by us. Then we could get back up and keep playing.

This was two nights ago; I'm still sore.