Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Great Benefits of a Banana

I found this on Facebook. Sorry no source is included. If you created this and want me to remove it or add your name to it, I'd be happy to.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


One thing that will keep my kids attention is anything art related. I love it because now I can sit down, work on art and my kids will work on art to. No more breastfeeding, whining, interrupting going on.

I was able to finish these two large pieces lately:

You can see details and process here.

New Age Mama has a giveaway for a BeginAgain art kit. I really do love it and hope I win!


There's been times where my stomach is upset. I notice it happens when my allergies are off the charts. That's when I get an attack of tummy problems.

My Dad read in a health book he bought from Whole Foods that people with allergies have a thinner lining of the stomach. I can believe this. Certain foods make it worse. More then anything it's just the time of year.

The only thing that seems to kick my tummy issues is probiotics. Plus I put myself on the BRAT diet: Banana, rice, applesauce, toast and tea. I add greek yogurt and water to that.

New Age Mama is giving away 1 box of Culturelle Kids packets and 1 box of Culturelle Kids chewables. I'd love to say that my kids do not have my allergies or tummy issues, they do. It's rare, but when they get diarrhea; the one thing that stops it is probiotics.

Fair Trade Goods

Do you like Fair Trade Goods places? I do. I think I'm drawn to them because they are unique, artist made, and are cultural.

Plus I'm all about finding unique companies for my college art students to do logos and campaign work for. I notice if I pick companies they've never heard of, it forces them to do their research.

Life in the Lost World is hosting a giveaway for a $50 GC to Ezistock. I've never heard of them before.

What would I pick if I win? I might pick this men's bracelet.

It's something a little different for my husband.

My Husband is Corny!

My husband picked a bunch of sweet corn yesterday.

This is our first year growing it. We live in the city, but have a huge yard. My husband along with the kids planted an 3 Sisters Garden. It's corn, beans and squash. We watered that area pretty good. Our tomatoes didn't do well from the heat this year. I think our red potatoes are ready to be dug up.

There were 3 or 4 ears sitting on the ground, in a row, and the corn was gobbled off. We teased our backyard neighbor of hopping the fence and eating it. Travis thought I ate it. I was like, "Why would I do that? I'd take it down to the kitchen, shuck it, wash it and then eat it." I'm thinking it was a raccoon. Sure enough I was talking to my Dad later (who grew up on a farm) and he said that coons love corn! He said some farmers put up electric fences to keep them away from it. I really doubt we'll want to put up an electric fence.

I gave 5 ears to my oldest sister, parents and a friend. My friend gave me 3 giant zucchini for the corn.

We might end up freezing some of the corn. This is all new to me. I saw a tutorial for freezing corn here

I made zucchini brownies last night. Healthy not, good yes. I wanted to test the recipe before all my company comes in a few weeks. We're having a party with college friends and art friends. People will pitch tents and stay over night. I plan on making zucchini chips as well. The rest I'll cook in olive oil, freeze some, and make a few loaves of bread to freeze as well.