Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Long Line of Artists

My Dad is an artist, my husband is an artist and I am an artist. I teach art, I design my blogs and I make what I call cookie art. Now our oldest son seems to be following along the path of being an art lover.

I love things that are handmade! It's the artist in me. I have memories of refinishing old furniture with my dad.

One store that has all kinds of handmade things is Novica. I'm totally in love with this site, and what it has to offer. Their drums, masks and furniture is so cool!

I like this piece:
A Nut in a Nutshell is giving away a $75 gift card to Novica.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Food Face

This is how I get my toddler to eat what I want him to eat:

I simply love these food plates!


My husband Travis, my son Isaak and I all get excited about making juice. The different kinds of fruit and veggies and combinations seem endless. It seems like I've had less IBS problems since we've started using the juicer. Maybe I've had less stress too.

This weekend we had company. One person didn't drink hardly any juice. I wondered if they just didn't like it, or if they simply were truly just full like they said they were? My feelings wouldn't of been hurt. Many people have a hard time adjusting to the no sugar part.

I just make a practice of eating and drinking anything that is given to me to not waist food. Since I've been watching what I eat, I lessen my intake. I use small plates more then ever. That morning we did make too much juice. I didn't know how much to make for two extra adults.

Here's a photo before water was mixed in:

I'm Back into Reading

I have to admit that I haven't picked up an adult book in years. This is besides what I read for work. I read books to the kids all the time. I do read blogs regularly. I really need some selfish time to read for me. It's much better then watching TV! I started reading a book that I got for a review. I read 100 pages in 2 days.

One thing I've been looking for is an e-book reader! One Savvy Mom! is hosting a giveaway for one winner to win a Nextbook Next3 Touchscreen Tablet!

Features include:

  • Large Screen, Sleek and Compact
  • Google Android OS
  • WIFI
  • Touch Screen
  • Embeded Borders BookStore (Powered by Kobo Books)
  • 8.4” TFT Color Display
  • Built-in Battery
  • 4 Way G-sensor
  • Preloaded with 25 Free eBooks
  • Build-in Speaker
  • Music player & Video player

Projects Coming Up

A few things I'm want to work on:

  • Organizing photo's in books. I'm way behind!
  • Building robots for my oldest son. I want to make foamcore/paper ones for his room. He has streets painted on his walls. I want robots to be stomping in his streets. I already took photo's for reference and bought the supplies. Now it's the construction I want to work on.
  • Paint the stairway. Our whole upstairs has bright walls and an old world feel. I want to make our basement the opposite. It will have an industrial feel. One Savvy Mom! is hosting a giveaway for some non toxic paint. I'd love to win some Mythic Paint!

I'm Super into Hanging Out in the Backyard

I like going back there, but we're in desperate need of some outdoor furniture! I'd also love to get some solar lights.

One Savvy Mom! is giving away 3 $20 gift cards to K-Mart. I know it's not much, but it's enough to get the ball rolling on paying for outdoor stuff that I'd like.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Safety First

I've been taking my kids to a track nearby on the weekends. This way I can get some exercise, and they can too.

One thing I've been on the lookout for is another helmet. We have one for the boy's, but not two. They are getting into riding bikes, which before never happened because my youngest couldn't figure out how to peddle.

Check out these Raskullz helmets! Super cool! Go Graham Go! is giving one away!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today We Ran and Walked

I took my two boy's to a kid's clinic at Lowes. This is the first time that we've ever been there. I was super fun doing a project with them. Afterward, we shopped around a bit. My oldest was bouncing off the walls.

On the way home I stopped at a track and we ran and walked. My 5 year old ran a lot, while my almost 3 year old was sort of sluggish. The 5 year old is so much like his father and the almost 3 year old is so much like me {in most every way}. That includes being a lazy butt. I'll admit it. So how do I get him to want to run, walk and be healthy? We eat really healthy, he likes to play outside, but when it comes to going for a walk...he wants to take the lazy way out. He wants up, or in a stroller. Uggg! Anyhow, I've been making him walk more and more.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spice it Up!

I like to add some spices to what I eat. This summer we're growing some herbs to dry and use next winter.

Fun Family Fritz has a giveaway going on right now for one winner to win a Seven Spice Gourmet Spice from DedeMed.

Simple Garden

Gardening is a newer interest of ours. With the prices of food, well everything going up, growing your own food just makes since. Not only the cost, but you know when you grow things yourself you know that certain things are not being sprayed on your food.

New Age Mama is hosting a giveaway where 3 winners are going to have a chance to win an herb garden from Simple garden. I love Simple garden How to Section!

Want a New Mattress?

I long for a new mattress! With me being the Queen of Allergies and my husband being the King of Back Problems, a new mattress would be GREAT!

Go Graham Go is hosting a giveaway for one LUCKY reader to win a Sealy Next Generation Posturepedic Mattress Set (valued at $999)!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Up Your Veggies!

Veggies are a hard thing to get enough of. We now serve 2 servings per lunch and dinner. I just don't feel like we get enough of them.

Country Crock is pushing veggies right now. I like to eat my veggies really as plain as possible. My kids like them that way, so why add all the extra stuff? Unless some of the veggies you are getting are in a main dish; that's different.

Country Crock wants to spread their love to THREE of Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House's readers. They will get a Veggie Party Kit of their own OR a Grand Prize $200 American Express Gift Card to buy healthy groceries. (3 prizes in total: 2 Veggie Party Kits (estimated value $100 per kit) and Grand Prize AMEX Gift Card valued at $200).

“Veggie Party Kits” include:
-Country Crock samples
-Re-usable eco-friendly grocery tote
-“Today I Ate a Rainbow” kids’ calendar
-Vegetable chopper
-Kids’ aprons
-Gardening how-to kit
-Vegetable cookbook