Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today We Ran and Walked

I took my two boy's to a kid's clinic at Lowes. This is the first time that we've ever been there. I was super fun doing a project with them. Afterward, we shopped around a bit. My oldest was bouncing off the walls.

On the way home I stopped at a track and we ran and walked. My 5 year old ran a lot, while my almost 3 year old was sort of sluggish. The 5 year old is so much like his father and the almost 3 year old is so much like me {in most every way}. That includes being a lazy butt. I'll admit it. So how do I get him to want to run, walk and be healthy? We eat really healthy, he likes to play outside, but when it comes to going for a walk...he wants to take the lazy way out. He wants up, or in a stroller. Uggg! Anyhow, I've been making him walk more and more.

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