Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My husband Travis, my son Isaak and I all get excited about making juice. The different kinds of fruit and veggies and combinations seem endless. It seems like I've had less IBS problems since we've started using the juicer. Maybe I've had less stress too.

This weekend we had company. One person didn't drink hardly any juice. I wondered if they just didn't like it, or if they simply were truly just full like they said they were? My feelings wouldn't of been hurt. Many people have a hard time adjusting to the no sugar part.

I just make a practice of eating and drinking anything that is given to me to not waist food. Since I've been watching what I eat, I lessen my intake. I use small plates more then ever. That morning we did make too much juice. I didn't know how much to make for two extra adults.

Here's a photo before water was mixed in:

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