Monday, May 2, 2011

Up Your Veggies!

Veggies are a hard thing to get enough of. We now serve 2 servings per lunch and dinner. I just don't feel like we get enough of them.

Country Crock is pushing veggies right now. I like to eat my veggies really as plain as possible. My kids like them that way, so why add all the extra stuff? Unless some of the veggies you are getting are in a main dish; that's different.

Country Crock wants to spread their love to THREE of Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House's readers. They will get a Veggie Party Kit of their own OR a Grand Prize $200 American Express Gift Card to buy healthy groceries. (3 prizes in total: 2 Veggie Party Kits (estimated value $100 per kit) and Grand Prize AMEX Gift Card valued at $200).

“Veggie Party Kits” include:
-Country Crock samples
-Re-usable eco-friendly grocery tote
-“Today I Ate a Rainbow” kids’ calendar
-Vegetable chopper
-Kids’ aprons
-Gardening how-to kit
-Vegetable cookbook

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