Monday, March 7, 2011

Day Three: Everything Old is New Again

It seems like when you just get to know your partner, things are exciting because it's all new. Pretending you are something different then what you are {role playing} can help spark this newness once again.

Much of the time comfort replaces the jittery, new feeling.

  • Write down all the things you can recall about your partner that excited you when you first met, or started dating.
  • Go ahead and write down a few negatives too. Think about how the negative things have gotten in the way of positive experiences.
  • Try to plan experiences where the negative things don't enter the picture.
Exercise Two:
  • Pretend to be strangers to get back to that excitement of the beginning days, where touching each other lightly sent a rush of arousal through your body.
  • Go out separately to meet up to an agreed spot.
  • Pretend to be someone else. 
  • Make yourself feel sexy. 
  • Flirt like you did in the beginning of your relationship.

Think about how acting like strangers puts focus on the positive. Fall in love all over again!

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