Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day Six: Getting Back in Touch

It's important to touch your partner in other rooms outside the bedroom. Give them a hug, hold their hand and touch the side of their cheek.

Massaging, touching and hugging is good for the psyche! It raises levels of the cuddle hormone called  "oxytocin".  

Exercise Day Fun:
  • Think back over the past week about how much you have touched your partner not including sex.
  • Brainstorm ways that you can touch your partner in a loving, positive way.
  • Come up with 10 ideas.
  • Here are some ideas:
  • My favorites, a foot massage, lightly touching me while talking.  Spooning while watching TV.
  • My husbands favorites, a neck or back massage.
  • Things we both like are hugging and kissing.
  • Try to make your 10 touches a mix of naughty and nice. Sky's the limit.
Exercise Two Night Fun:
  • Instead of starting with sex, start with intimate touches. Example: Erotic massage.
  • Take turns to do a full body massage from the neck all the way down their back and end at their toes. Do this several times. In the middle add oil. Next work their front, arms, legs and feet.
  • Start to massage other areas of the body that you just wouldn't think of massaging.
  • The key is moving slow.
  • Remember to take turns!
  • KY Yours + Mine can be purchased here.
 Discuss the Exercises:
  • How many positive types of touch were you did you receive and share with your partner today?
  • Did anything prevent you from touching your partner?
  • Did you enjoy the touching, or did it make you feel smothered?
  • How did you feel during and after the massage?
For more information about the Intimacy Experiment, make sure to check out K-Y Brand's Facebook Page, Couples Place.

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