Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day One: Love Nest

I have to be honest I didn't really know where to begin with the KY Intimacy experiment, or where to blog about it.

I have four blogs, and each one has a purpose. The Apel's, my main blog is our family blog. I write about our kids. Cookie Art, is a place for me to record artsy things I do in the kitchen. Milking the Issue, is about breastfeeding and helping new mom's. Finding Me Again, focuses on healthy things.  There isn't a blog I keep that is just about the one person that helps me keep things going. This blog is titled Finding Me Again; I started thinking about how I want this blog to be more then diet and exercise, the meaning is behind the title.

This is the blog I chose to cover the 10 day relationship guide that goes over tips for couples to further their relationship both romantically and emotionally. Each day I will go over different tips to help advance your relationship.

There are two types of sexual arousal: 1. Mental 2. Physical. After awhile of being married the mental aspect can fade away, and we only rely on physical stimulation. This program will help couples get back to that spark that you felt in the beginning of your marriage.

Day one of the experiment focuses on turning the bedroom into an inviting space. This is something we totally failed in. My husband moved his jewelry bench up stairs in our bedroom. He had good intentions, it was to be closer to us. He also loves to read, and has books everywhere.

I got a small cabinet to put by my husband's side of the bed. All of his books go in it! ;)

A bedroom should have no piles of laundry, bills, or any clutter allowed. The space should be serene and relaxing. A place to forget about the day--not rehash it. I do my best to keep up with laundry. I also keep my bed made. This is something I got sloppy with for awhile. Seeing a bed made makes the bedroom much more inviting.

The first day of the experiment brought up things I didn't even think of. I need a place to relax, and get away from everything else. This place is should be an inviting bedroom.

Often times just changing things up in your bedroom changes the mood of the room. A few things to try could be changing the bedding, positioning of the furniture, changing the color of the room, lighting and adding candles or flowers to increase the libido.

For more information about the Intimacy Experiment, make sure to check out K-Y Brand's Facebook Page, Couples Place

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