Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day Five: Fun and Games

It's important to be passionate, romantic and meaningful. It's also important to by loose, goofy and have fun. 

Too much comfort in the bedroom can be bad. You do need to be relaxed and willing to try new things. A study done by Journal of Personality and Social Psychologydiscovered that couples who participate in new, fun (nonsexual) activities enjoy their relationship more.

Some Things We've Tried That is Different for Us:
  • We went to go watch Indian's dance just because it was different. 
  • We also dance randomly to get loose, have fun and exercise.
  • We played miniature golf. 
  • We went to a water park.
  • We went to a children's museum.
  • We ate at a sushi bar.
  • We went to a hockey game.
Exercise Day Fun:
  • Discover new things about one another.
  • Choose an activity that you've never or rarely done together.
  • Some of their examples: Sing a karaoke duet, explore a local playground, or take an dance class.
  • Try anything that is fun and playful.
  • Notice how each other reacts to the time you're having.
Exercise Two Night Fun:
  • Things you need: average deck of playing cards, a pack of index cards and two pens.
  • Split the stack of blank index cars between the two of you. Split the pile again.
  • On half of the cards, write down parts of your body that are sensitive. Examples: Your neck, lower tummy, or breast.
  • On the other half, write down how you like to be touched. Examples: A firm back rub, a light kiss, or even a tickle. 
  • Put your body parts together in one pile and methods of touch in another.
  • Now it's poker time. Each player gets five cards. After looking at your hand, you'll get a chance to trade in some cards for new ones. It's time to show your cards. 
  • The very best hand is a royal flush, which is a straight flush with the Ace as the highest of five cards. The next highest, is your average straight flush, which is five cards of the same suit in numerical order. Then comes four of a kind, then a full house {three of a kind plus two of a kind}, a flush {five cards of the same suit}, a straight {five in a row, not necessarily of the same suit}, three of a kinds, two pairs, one pair, and high card {with Ace as the highest card and two the lowest}. 
  • Once the winner is picked, they'll get a prize. One card from each pile is picked. Play many series of hands. 
  • You can try other games and make up your own rules. Example: If you are playing Scrabble, the one that has words over 5 letters gets to pull two cards. 
Discuss the Exercises:
  • How did each of you feel?
  • Did you act as a team?
  • Was the card game fun?
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