Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordful Wednesday Welcome

It is me, {Alissa} writing. This will be my 4th blog. I have my family blog, one on breastfeeding and one called Cookie Art. This blog is about a journey of women trying to find themselves once again. Last week was a hard week for me. I went to the doctor only to find out that my cholesterol and blood sugar are both slightly elevated. I know I need to loose weight in a a bad way!

After I learned about this I was sobbing! I was crying because I know it's going to be a hard road from here on out with weight. Most of my mom's side is over weight. I look in the mirror, and don't like what I see. I don't feel attractive at all! I don't like that I'm not healthy.

I bake a lot, but do not eat the things I bake. The goodies go to my work or my husband's work. It's activity that's a problem for me.

It didn't help that I decided to wean my 2 year old from nursing last week cold turkey. My emotions were running wild! It was a habit I had to break because I've tried weaning ever so slowly. We kept going backwards, and nursing all the time again.

Now is a time for change. I want to be sexy again. Most importantly, I want to be healthy.

I met a girl in the blogging world {Jessie} that wants some of the same things as I. Together we're going to inspire each other with this blog.

Recipes, exercises and other getting fit tips will be recorded on here.

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  1. I have high cholesterol as well,, it runs in the family :(

    I don't bake a lot, but I love to eat things that people bake!

    Good luck in your journey, being healthy is important :)