Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Alissa here. I think it's important to touch on the topic of juice. Too much juice can cause obesity, diarrhea and tooth decay. This is exactly why doctors try and prevent toddlers from drinking juice. We tend to think of juice as being a healthy alternative to soda. Even some of the more natural juices have added sugar in them.

I mix always add water to our juice at home. Sure it may not taste as good. It still has flavor, and we've gotten used to it. When I make it from the can, I add in one extra cup of water then what it calls for. When it comes to the pre-made juices, I add 1/4 water to our glass of juice. When the container gets down to 3/4 of the way full, I top it off with water.

If you like Lemonade like I do, skip it and drink water with lemon or lime juice from the actual fruit.

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  1. We have tried to cut down on juice in our household too. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

    Best wishes,