Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cyst Number Two - Gone

I applied apple cider vinegar to my second cyst for a month, and now it's gone. The last one took a month as well.

Here's the scoop:

It doesn't hurt at all in the beginning of applying the vinegar to it. At first I felt like it was doing little to nothing.

After about 3 weeks it starts to burn. Towards the end of the month it down right hurts. I was percystant  to get rid of my cysts on my own. I stuck with applying the vinegar. You can apply it with a cotton swab, or a q-tip. I used a q-tip. I found that a cotton swab absorbs too much of the vinegar. Meaning not enough goes on the spot where the cyst is at. Plus I liked how the vinegar wasn't touching my fingers, a q-tip is easier to hold, and I could use a q-tip twice (it has 2 ends). Every other night I'd use both sides of the q-tip until the vinegar absorbed into my head. Towards the end, when it really burned I'd do this process a few times a day. I really just wanted that thing gone!

What happens when it's done:

The cyst rises to the surface sac and all. It just pulled out. When it was all gone I did have a tiny sunk in area that healed quickly. After the cyst is gone, so is the burning sensation.

To do this, or to not do this:

I chose to try this on my own. We have a genetic problem with getting cysts on our head (my mom, my grandpa, my sister, my cousin and I all have gotten them). They are not cancerous. If there was any question of them being cancerous, I would have not done this! My family members have gotten them surgically removed. Sometimes the doctor gets the sack, sometimes they don't. They had to pay to have them take care of cutting this thing out of your head, and it comes right back.


Just like anything you learn what to change as you go. I'd change the kind of vinegar I was using. I just bought the store brand thinking apple cider vinegar is apple cider vinegar. I guess the more expensive stuff is more potent, and does the job more effectively. The store brand stuff has water to dilute it. Cheaper for them, less effective for me. The moral is, you get what you pay for.

I also would do this right away when getting a cyst. The smaller it is, the easier it is to take care of.


I worried about a staph infection. Apple cider vinegar burns you skin. It's an open wound. It's just like burning off a wart. There is a risk of an infection happening.

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