Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bitch Therapy

The summer started at work. I was told, "Alissa you have no summer classes!" A week later I had a summer class. One student didn't graduate because his grade point average was low. He never failed my class, but is taking it because he needs to bum up his GPA.

I was told that I had this class 2 days before it started. The only reason I found out I had it, is because I asked. Talk about scramble! If you don't know me I have to have things pretty much completed before they start. Someone was going to take my place while I was gone on vacation. The class during the school year is once a week. This summer the class is every day. My thinking as to when things were do is/was a challenge.

I felt much better when everything was ready to go.

The problem: I had to bring a C to D level student all the way up to a B+. The start of the class was fine. The end (now) is rough! He went from trying to not trying at all.

I know he's not watching the PowerPoints because there are activities in two that I gave him. When I asked if he did them he looked at me with a question mark on his forehead.

He has done none of the extra credit things I have given him.

I told my student yesterday that I don't think he'll get a B+ from me.

His last assignment is supposed to be 18x24 and he was working on a 9x12. In the real world you could get fired by having the wrong document size. I down grade a lot for the size being wrong.When I confronted him with this size issue he said, "This is the only board I have left. It will have to do." I said, "Ok it's the cost of illustration board, or the cost of taking another class with probably no financial aid." Now he's working on the correct size of board. What I said must of gotten into him.

This morning I went in to hand him a review sheet for the last exam and his grade sheet. He's getting a B. He shook his head and didn't look at me to talk to me.

I think many students expect something for nothing. I'm just not going to hand over that something, if they give me little to nothing.

No student left behind doesn't work in college.

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