Saturday, March 10, 2012

Removing Chlorine From My Hair

I have chlorine build up in my hair. YAY! NOT! It's been so long since lately that we've gone swimming on a regular basis that I just didn't think about it happening. First it was our son Mica that got swimmers ear and now chlorine build up in our hair.

Mica's been swimming with ear plugs and we give him 3 drops of 1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 white vinegar. It seems to be working.

I A) Haven't been able to go to the swim store to get shampoo meant for cleaning out the chlorine. It's across town. B) Haven't decided if I want to use it. Yep with my reactions to sulpha I've been pretty much hesitant with bath products lately. I bought all natural shampoo at Whole Foods and will be using that when my gigantic bottle from Costco runs out. C) I don't know if my boys are ready for no tear shampoo and they need to use it as well.

I read online that you can rinse your hair after swimming with regular water.

  • Then apply shampoo mixed with baking soda. Then you are supposed to leave it in for 2 minutes before rinsing. We tried it for the first time last night. I still have build up, but they said on the site it takes a handful of washing before it works. You are not supposed to do this everyday because it will dry out your hair. 
  • Mix a combination of 1 quart water and 1/4 cup white vinegar in a bottle or jar, and rinse the hair with this solution. Let the vinegar water sit on the hair for two minutes, then rinse with clear water. This restores the natural acidity of your hair that the chlorine stripped away. I haven't tried this one yet either.  It was found here. Condition hair really well afterwards.
  • Also tomato paste in your hair for 20 minutes is suppose to do the trick. I haven't tried that yet!


  1. I remember and I am not sure that it works, but if you wet your hair with regular water before going swimming, it is not suppose to soak up the cholorine. Like I said, I am not sure if it would work.