Saturday, March 10, 2012

For Breakfast We Had Something New

I made fresh orange juice. Nothing new there. I do think it's easier to make it with clementine rather than oranges. They are easier to peel and I just drop the whole thing in the juicer. With oranges the peeling is thicker, it takes longer to peel and I have to break them off into sections. Sometimes the when I break them into sections, I get juiced in the process.

We had our vitamin by H & N Health Paradise. It's taking us longer to get through the bottles then usual. Before I got them, I had a HUGE bottle of vitamins I bought from Costco. I alternate days for vitamins.

The new thing(s) we had was from Wasa.

Travis and I had this:
Photo Source

Our son's had this:
Photo Source

I'm not sure which one was better. I only tried the egg one. The boys did gobble theirs up. Isaak sort of dissected it first though. Yep berries came off first, then went his finger in the yogurt to lick and lately the Wasa cracker. He's three, what can I say? He still ate it.

My parents have Wasa crackers with all natural peanut butter and swiss cheese. Then they stick it in the oven on broil. I love it!

They have a lot more recipes on their site, so we may be having more Wasa treats for now on.

I've heard of Wasa before. I've even had them. I just never realized they had so many good recipes on their site until I read this post by A Nut in a Nutshell. She had a contest going, it's now over, but I still wanted to plug that inspiration in this post.

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