Sunday, August 8, 2010

Going Out to Eat Was Indeed a Challenge for Alissa

Our family of four went on vacation this last few days. We were all very active! We went to the Great Wolf Lodge, a children's museum and a dinosaur museum. With a two and almost five year old; we were all over the place! I lost 2 1/2 pounds this week.

I got home and had a nice package waiting for me. The food scale I'm reviewing for csn | stores! We went to Costco, and bought a lot of meat that I'll need to get into the practice of weighing.

I knew that I needed to watch what I ate all weekend!

The best restaurant on my list for eating healthy is Applebees. They had the calories listed and have worked with Weight Watchers. It's all labeled on the menu.

My least favorite place we went to was Perkins. Even their salad's had bacon, eggs and cheese on them. They had one low calorie wrap that was still high in calorie's. It had swiss cheese in it, so I asked for that wrap without the cheese. It had spinach in it. Well they neglected to drain the spinach, and my wrap was sitting in a pile of green water. The bottom was soggy. I barely ate my meal.

As far as fast food goes McDonald's, Wendy's, Subway and Arby's  all try to have nutritional facts and have options too. I give them all a thumbs up over Perkins.

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