Thursday, June 14, 2012

Five Very Random Things About Me

  1. I'm not waistful. I find uses for just about everything. All my yogurt and cottage cheese containers are paint/water containers for my students before they get recycled.
  2. I fall asleep while I'm on the computer or watching TV in the evening. Sometimes I have to stop a post and save a draft. I'm just too tired to go on writing. I hardly ever have a hard time sleeping.
  3. My allergies act up when it rains. I'm just thinking about this because it's raining right now. My eyes are so itchy.
  4. I hate wearing mascara. When I do wear it (rarely) I feel like my eyelids are so heavy. I've always had very skimpy bottom lashes. Some people have asked if I pluck them? No I don't. They are just skimpy lashes.
  5. I hate watching sports! I'll go into a different room in the house just so I don't have to listen to football, basketball or whatever. The only sport I would watch is sumo wrestling. I find that entertaining.
What are some random things about you?

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