Friday, June 15, 2012

Birthday Wants

It helps my mom when I post about the things I want for birthdays and Christmas. That's what this post is about. Make a comment if your list would be similar to mine, or totally different! We all have different tastes for sure!

1. I really want a couple glass pitchers. They don't have to be like the ones featured. I do want them to have lids, so that may be the only hang up.

It's just what I could find online at Target for $5.99.
Here's a set for $19.99 also found at Target.

Who knew they made fruit infused pitchers? I'm not quite sure how it works, but it looks like something I'd use. I love lemon and orange water! They look pretty cool! They can be found here for $18.

2. Hair Things.

I like these. I know they are plain $4.79 at Target.

These things for $11.99 (for both) look pretty interesting to.

3. Glass Storage containers.

I just bought meal size glass storage containers. I'd like some ramekin sized storage containers. Ones with lids for lunch. I'm thinking for peas, corn and things like that. I use that size a lot. They do not have to be this brand, but here is an example.

I do like these types of lids better, so if you see those types great! Can be round or square - I don't care.

4. Earrings

I love the earrings I have. I would like a pair of artsy red earrings. Some that have red in them. The Afternoon has these Teresa Goodall Clay Drop with Top Earrings for $30.

5. Grommet Tool Kit

Harbor Freight Tools.

6. Mits

Classic Red Mits  (x2) at Sir la Table for $9.95.

7. Hand Warmers

Reusable Retro Robot Hand Warmers - Perpetual Kid $8.99.

Reusable Cupcake Hand Warmers - Perpetual Kid $8.99.

8. Cling On

What the Bleep? Wall Graphic - Perpetual Kid $29.99.

1 comment:

  1. I have about 5 or so of the glass pitchers and don't really need any more of them.
    I also have the pony tail holder and really don't like it.... although my hair is a little longer now so it might work better.

    I have 2 red oven mits and I do need to get more because I ruin them fast.

    LOL... the wall graphic I don't think I want. I would feel like someone is watching me pee all the time if I had it in my bathroom... No thanks

    Those earrings would look really nice with your hair...