Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weights, Weights and More Weights

Two to three times a week I've been going to lift weights at the Y.

I enjoy doing it!

There are two things that do annoy me.

1. The people that live there. Not really, but it seems like they do. Here I am trying to be healthy, and they just sit on the machines chatting with their friends. They have super nice bodies. Technically they could skip the gym if they wanted. No one would notice.

2. Changing clothes. I swear sometimes after work I just want to go to the Y and work out in my dress clothes. Seriously, it's that much of a pain to change clothing! More to put away, more laundry to do. A few times, when I know my clothes are dirty I'll just show up. I'm sure people are thinking, Why is she wearing those clothes to lift weights? I'm just lucky enough to be there. So what if I don't have on my dress down fashionable Nike outfit on?

By the way I feel the burn. That's not on the list of things that annoy me. It's just a fact. My body aches afterwards.