Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bitch Therapy 2

Six Things That Really Annoy Me:

  1. When the leader of the pack gives you gobs of work at the end of the summer, when I had all summer to do it. I was setting my pace; now I'm scrambling. 
  2. When projects are left almost done. I'm just as guilty as the next. Yes I annoy myself with this to.
  3. When children change their minds as to what they want for their birthday or Christmas right before the holiday.
  4. When I don't have time to do what I need to do for myself. 
  5. When someone/anyone says, "I bored!" I just don't get it. There's so much in life to do. How can anyone possibly be bored?
  6. When someone specifically says they want to talk to me. I go to talk to them, and they make me feel like I'm interrupting them. Hey I thought you wanted to talk to me! Why are you treating me like I am doing something wrong?

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