Monday, April 29, 2013

Cyst is Gone I Think

I like many of my family members get cysts on my scalp. It's genetic, it's not cancerous.

I have two.

They can be cut and drained, but often times doctors do not get the sacks, so they come right on back.

I decided to try treating it with Apple Cinder Vinegar. Well it burned like heck, I was kind of worried that I was hurting myself more than helping myself. The treatment stopped. Then I started it back up again. I would just apply it on a q-tip, while watching TV every other night.

The cyst raised up. I was worried about a staph infection occurring. All the sudden the cyst was wiggling like a loose tooth and popped off. With it came a dried up sack. It still hurts when pressure is applied. I'm hoping I got it for good!

I'm going to put Toe Juice on it for awhile to be sure the sucker doesn't come back.

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