Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lately I've Been Struggling to Breathe

I've been struggling to breathe. My oldest son has been struggling to breathe. It's allergies at it's worst. It's entered our chest cavity. Both of us have a cough. We sound like two smokers during some of the day.

Both of us have been doing the Neti Pot twice a day. We've been taking over the counter allergy medicine. Then we've been taking all natural Maty's Cough Syrup.


I won the cough syrup a while back and it's the one thing kids can take. Most cough syrups are for adults only and contain alcohol.

I've been washing our pillow cases with every load of laundry I do.

As of right now we're both feeling blah! I seriously have had a problem getting one post out. I just feel like doing absolutely nothing.

Mica, my son is in 1st grade. He's opted to take a nap the last two days. In return he gets to stay up a little bit longer than usual.

It wasn't a total waste of the day. My oldest son has a bake sale at school coming up and my youngest starts preschool this week. I did my motherly duty and made treats. Then my oldest saw a recipe for pumpkin pudding in his Highlights magazine. I managed to make that with him as well. It's a bread pudding. It is more healthy than most puddings. I took a picture, but I have to say that bread type puddings are not that pretty.


  1. This time of year is so bad for allergies and if it's not allergies and is a cold.... they can last awhile. My Grandson was sick with one when we visited and I hope I don't get it from him.

  2. That's so lame! I hope you both get feeling better really soon! I usually have breathing problems in October. But that was in Seattle when the mold spore counts are super high! I'm thinking it won't be such an issu here in dry, dry Eastern Idaho. **fingers crossed** You're right, bread puddings look nowhere near as appetizing as they taste.