Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Greek Pizza

The other night I made a Greek pizza on a whole wheat crust.  It was so good!!! I try and make something on Sunday that will last through Monday since the boys have swimming lessons that night. It's nothing but, rush, rush on that day.

The crust was just a standard whole wheat crust.

The toppings included:

  • 1 can of tomato paste that had basil mixed in
  • 1/2 a chopped onion
  • A small bunch of green onions from my garden
  • 1 clove of diced garlic
  • Spinach leaves
  • 1 can of artichoke hearts
  • Katamala olives I got from Tropical Traditions - If you buy olives through Tropical Traditions {the link provided} will get you a free recipe book for using coconut oil. This will only work for first time buyers. It's so worth it!
  • Crumbled feta cheese
  • 1 medium sized tomato chopped up

It was so tasty and better for you then cheese and pepperoni pizza.

I made two of these. Everyone liked it!