Friday, December 30, 2011

Jason - Every Natural Care

I have to say that my New Years Resolution is to read labels on bath products more! That is one are I've been horrible with! They have less FDA regulations then food. We put on all kinds of chemicals on our skin! I had a big wake up call when I had an allergic reaction to Methosulphate, which was in one of our lotions. Hives covered my already damaged leg. I also have a big old bruise.

I read online that some people that are allergic to Sulpha are allergic to Methosulphate. Then other places I found no relation at all. Who knows, but I don't want to be putting that crap on my skin anymore! My kids could be sensitive towards it to. I'm trying to be careful.

I've been using Tropical Traditions Lotions and Jason's products.

New Age Mama is giving away a holiday pack of Jason's on their site! 

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